Do Over

Earlier today I decided to dust off an old Twitter account (@agent20125) so that I could use it to tweet some about some of the technical/work/nerdy things in my life. I realized that as far as that part of my life was concerned I had been pretty stagnant and not networking or really even studying anything.

I thought more and more about this and then remembered this web site which has been restarted more times than I care to admit. I decided to start it up again but get rid of everything old and redo the focus. Im not just going to post tutorials. I’m not going to post any of one type of thing. The format is fairly wide open.

A long time ago, a teacher of mine told me that if you aren’t reading at least three things relative to your field then you are falling behind. I don’t know if the number is quite correct, but one thing is for certain. I haven’t been reading enough and I have been falling behind. Well, that’s going to change. My goal is to try to start reading more in depth information about things I already know and to branch out into new topic areas. Things like storage networking or security. This is my goal and I’ll see if I can stick to it.

Just a short post for an opener. I assure you that more interesting things are coming.