IM&P Wipeout

January 10, 2014

Just a quick note for something I ran into recently.

Last week I was upgrading Cisco Unified Presence 8 to IM & Presence Sever 9.1.1.  This was a refresh upgrade, so required a reboot.  When the server rebooted it looked as if you were booting a new server off the bootable ISO rather than using an upgrade disk.  It went through the part where it asks what product is being installed and then brought up a message that said:

The version on the hard disk is 8.5.something, the version to be installed is 9.1.1.something, do you want to erase what is on the hard drive?

Or something like that.  The general gist of the message was “I’m gonna wipe out the install and re-install myself, that ok?”

After trying to find out what was going on for a little while I decided that the best bet would be to tell it no.  I wanted to make sure that my data came across and that if there was a problem I could go back.  After selecting no, the server rebooted and came back up to the upgrade process that I was originally expecting.  My Guess is that when it rebooted the first time it didn’t actually switch partitions like it should have and as a result was attempting to do a new install.  Whatever it was, after I told it not to overwrite the upgrade went flawlessly.

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