Services and More Services! (AWS Intro)
AWS , slider / February 6, 2017

As I posted last week, I have started studying some items related to AWS with the goal of attaining the associate level solutions architect certification.  In an effort to do that, I’m blogging about some (not all) of what I have learned.  This week I’m going to try and do a high level fly by of the services that AWS offers. Just looking in the AWS console you can see that there are a TON of things that you can select from with services.  I could probably spend a year writing about all of the services that were available and then I would be out of date because Amazon would add some new services to the list.  If you’re studying for this exam, then you should probably give the blueprint for the test a read through.  You can find that here.  For this post, I’m just going to cover a couple of the items that were on the blueprint and then maybe come back with another post in the future to address more items.  For today, I’m just going to tackle three main sections from this list:  Compute, Storage, and Security, Identity & Compliance.  I think that will kill all…

A New Journey
AWS , slider / February 2, 2017

I was looking back over my career recently and considering how long I have been focused on unified communications (voice over IP, collaboration, whatever you want to call it) in general and Cisco UC in specific.  It was a really long time.  We’re talking 16-17 years.  It really got me thinking, and I’ve decided that I am going to work at branching out a bit more.  With that in mind, I am starting a course of study to learn more about Amazon Web Services. You might ask, why AWS?  There are a lot of reasons that I could cite, but really it comes down to this handful: I didn’t want my next study course to focus on Cisco.  I still like a lot of Cisco technologies and my job will continue to focus on them.  I need to have something that gets my thinking significantly away from the Cisco arena so that I don’t just easily slide back into being complacent with UC. AWS is really far and away the leader in cloud computing. They have a certification program, and I’ll be honest it’s a lot easier for me to study on something when there is a goal in mind….