Does Your Call Center Need More Hair Care?
UCCX / March 20, 2014

With the release of Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 10, Cisco has brought the Finesse desktop for agents and supervisors to Express from the Enterprise version of contact center.  Is this good?  Is this bad?  Have we resorted to using hair care products to improve customer care?  Maybe, let’s find out.  Keep in mind that this post is specifically about the new Finesse and not the other changes in UCCX 10.  Maybe in a future post I will tackle those. Before I get into whether we are using more hair spray as a customer service tactic, I should probably talk about what Cisco Finesse is first.  Cisco has decided that it’s time to replace the existing Windows only Cisco Agent Desktop and Cisco Supervisor Desktop applications with a web based interface that will work on Windows and Mac computers provided that they have the proper version of Web browser.  This new interface is called Cisco Finesse and at first look it does look quite a bit more attractive than the old Cisco Agent Desktop.  You can see why Cisco is leading this in their demos, it’s definitely prettier than the old agent/supervisor desktop software, if you’re into that kind of…

UCCX Services Unknown
UCCX / September 9, 2011

Just a short note today about some fun I recently had with UCCX. A customer called me recently and said that they were having trouble adding agents to their UCCX cluster.  We quickly went over the process to make sure that they would show up in resources and there was still no luck.  Everything appeared to be configured correctly. We checked out the primary and secondary server and the one thing that popped out was that from the GUI, the Cisco Unified CCX Database service was in an unknown state on the primary server.  However, when you looked through the command line, using the utils service list command it showed the service started. In the end we restarted the service from the command line (couldn’t do it from the GUI because it was unknown) and the agents showed up in the resources list.  Nothing groundbreaking here, just something I found interesting.